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catherine nils
07 December 2010 @ 02:20 pm
Weirdest experience ever calling the Dell sales department. First they had me call their French office, by which I mean the one located in France, to speak to someone in French. Result: BATTLE OF THE ACCENTS!! Then it turned out I couldn't order English Windows 7 with French Canadian keyboard, so I told the nice (and very French) lady on the phone that it would be less complicated for me to just order everything online now that she had answered my questions. (She was supposed to understand something along the lines of "Lady, I have no clue what you're saying" but it just didn't happen.) I'm pretty sure she gets paid by commission because SHE WOULDN'T LET ME HANG UP. She spent like, 15 minutes trying to convince me to order on the phone. During that time my dad just stood in front of me and laughed. And the lady kept trying to validate my order and interrupting my pleas of "no please let me order online it's okay". I was dead certain she'd just call back if I hung up. Scary shit, right there.

Bottom line is that I'm getting my new PC soon and that it's "a great choice" according to Insistent Saleswoman. She asked me what I'd use it for and I was tempted to bullshit something like "play solitaire". Bah. Hopefully this one will last many years. *crosses fingers*

Now I'm going to boycott fanfiction until I'm done working. That includes the Captain Spanky update AND the last chapter of the Supernatural fic I was reading at lunch. |:

catherine nils
05 December 2010 @ 11:19 pm
I'm getting a new PC for Christmas* and it's a BEAST. Look at it. Just fucking look at this BEAUTIFUL COMPUTER. I would marry it if I could. The video card in that little baby makes angels sing. Just imagine all the emulators I can download. Just picture how amazing Sims 3 graphics will look. Ahhhh. I'm a little bit in love.

* "Christmas" actually refers to the next five Christmases to come, and possibly every birthday in between too. Shit is expensive and I totally canceled a trip to Spain to have this instead. Nerd is nerdy.

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catherine nils
GUYS GUYS GUYS. I just had the best/worst idea ever. Because I had 'And All That Jazz' stuck in my head and I learned that Barbara Luna (Marlena from Mirror, Mirror) played in a moving called The Concrete Jungle. JUST IMAGINE - an AU where Trek girls are murderers in a women's prison. It sounds kinkier than intended really, that wasn't my point. But IMAGINE. The 'Cell Block Tango' with Chapel doing the "uh-uh, not guilty". It's ~~perfect. T'Pring and Nameless Romulan Whore could have, I don't know, found out that their boyfriend was a two-timing Vulcan slut dating them both and killed him together. IDEK. The more I think about it the more I think it's a terrible idea but it makes me giggle so whatever. (OMG 'MAMA' COULD BE THE ALIEN WITH THE MANLY VOICE THAT HIT ON CHEKOV LOLOL okay sorry I'm done.)

Been making Christmas cards for the ontd_pinto exchange. Someone's getting drag!Pine and someone's getting a tribble with a Santa hat and too much glitter glue. I apologize in advance. 12-ish cards left to make and OH GOD I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I HAVE CLASSES NEXT WEEK. I was too sick to show up and no one wants to tell me because I guess I don't deserve to know? Bastards. What I do know though is that I have a huge Terminology assignment due Wednesday morning and I need pretty much a perfect score if I want to pass that class. FFFFUUU-

Last night's episode of Supernatural. Best episode ever or best episode ever? Angel boner. What the actual fuck. I'm impressed. I still strongly dislike Meg and her lisp though.

I have an idea for a music video but I sure as hell ain't uploading movies on my laptop. So when I get my PC I hope I'll have enough free time to make that happen. I'm stepping on my pride here and getting over the fact that it would be set to a Death Cab For Cutie song...but oh, what a song. It makes one of my friends cry. I just say the opening lyric and she goes "OH GOD NO I'M GONNA CRY", really. When I heard it recently I though of ~something and it almost made me sob like Peter Parker without Prozac. Good stuff, good stuff.

Time for more cards and more caffeine while I frantically save all of beedlebarg's fics to my laptop. Cool evening bro.

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catherine nils
02 December 2010 @ 09:22 pm
"So Catherine, what have you been doing since you last updated, aka two fucking months ago?" Well, I've been in Boston (Belle & Sebastian!), and I've been in Orlando (Hogwarts!), and I've been in Quebec City (junk food with my aunt!), but mostly I've been sick again and stuck in bed. Like right now. Right before my finals. Argh.

Fevers and headaches aside. I slipped (read: fell head first) into the Supernatural fandom two weeks ago, after years of watching bits of dubbed episodes on tv every now and then. The result was a 5 seasons and 9 episodes marathon in two weeks, enough to serve as hxc academic procrastination and make at least half of my teachers sigh in exasperation. On the bright side, I'm up to date for tomorrow's episode.

In other news, I have The Most Awkward Crush Ever™ on a teacher. How fucking ridiculous is that? What am I, 14? Anyway. I like to divide my crushes in two categories: 1) "Take Me Here And Now Against The Impala" crushes, and 2) "You're So Cute Let's Get Married And Adopt Puppies" crushes. This one belongs in the second category. (Excuse me an instant, I have to look for my dignity, I think I lost it around here...) It would be all fine and peachy if I wasn't currently failing that class. Because, well. When Teacher-Crush takes five minutes to walk up to your seat and tell you that you can stop by their office anytime if you have any question whatsoever before the exam, it's hard not to smile like an idiot. And then there's that stupid, so dumb moment when you think "I should totally come up with questions even if I understand everything". Which is probably what I'm going to do because they only teach that one class and I'm never going to see them again anyway and yeah. WHAT IS MY LIFE. Side note: This is the class in which I drew GAILA in a BIKINI on my exam copy. My credibility with that teacher is absolutely non-existent.

What else, what else... I'm redecorating my bedroom over the holidays? Which is a huge deal for me because I've had this room since '01 or something. IKEA furniture all over the place, red and blue and black and mostly grey really, and a very intimidating 9" x 15" Star Trek mural. Yeaaah so it's a Star Trek room. But you know what? I live 45 minutes away from most of my friends, so it's not like anyone's going to come over and say the "this is why you can't get laid" line I should normally expect. I'm excited because we're moving all my clothes to the was-once computer room, so my walk-in closet will be a mini library. Really, really tiny mini library. But it's gonna have shelves for comic books and videogames. So far I've got most of the things I need - the decorations were either received or ordered, the furniture was picked today, the colors are all chosen - but I still need to pick ceiling lights, find blue bedsheets, find a blue bean bag, find red aluminum blinds... Then I'm going to ask if I can get one of these little babies, but I'm not sure which one yet. (My heart says "McCoy" but y'know.) And finally in March they're releasing my new Holy Grail of Trek merch: a wall communicator prop replica. Problem? Shit is $400. Do I look like I have $400? I don't have enough to afford train tickets to drag my ass to school at the moment. A wall decoration isn't exactly considered vital. BUT. There's a chance I'll get a job next semester (fingers crossed) and yeah, I'd be willing to pay for that. Think it's sad? See if I care.

I purchased a star projector for the room, too. Basically what it does is display moving stars on the ceiling. And, quite frankly? It's the best thing I've seen in my entire life, next to an actual clear night sky of course. I'm amazed.

At IKEA today I found a sparkling pear drink I had in DC back in...Spring '07? and actively looked for ever since. Best. Find. Ever. Then my dad and I geeked out all over the store because we like to have big "I'm going to build the best motherfucking computer desk ever" plans and talk about them very loud in public (or in this case, in front of relatively successful local television actors who happened to be shopping as well.) And we listened to Bob Dylan in the car. And today was really, really cool.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I realized that Castiel? Totally Spock and McCoy's lovechild. I can't wait until Victoria starts watching the show and falls madly in love with him. While keeping in mind that he's in love with Dean. They do share a more profound bond, hey.

Long entry was long. Next time I need to update regularly and make it shorter. Or something. I also need to post fics. Which implies that I need to write fics. I'm so ADHD with stories, it's a bit sad.

Now I'm going to beta amerasu1013's ever-wonderful Mirror!Pinto fic, which I couldn't do until now because I had the mother of all head-splitting migraines. Sorry for the delay, bb. ♥

Tomorrow: Pinto Christmas cards by the ton. PRODUCTIVITY? I CAN DO ZAT.

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catherine nils
13 October 2010 @ 10:18 pm
I'm still sick, fever and headaches and nosebleeds and everything. It takes me hours to write coherently so I've stayed away from instant messaging and I've bullshitted important assignments and tests. It wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't leaving for Boston on Thursday night. Laurence will have to deal with me until Saturday night, and honestly I wouldn't wish that on anyone right now. I'm very zombie-like. A very enthusiastic zombie, but a zombie nonetheless.

On the topic of zombies: I just finished reading Night of the Living Trekkies and it was hilarious. Seriously guys, pick it up.

And the door to the landing stood open - blocked by a legless, limbless, well-chewed torso. Wearing a Wesley Crusher sweater.
   Gary groaned quietly. "Not
now, Wesley."

I also finished three seasons of Heroes and now I'm about to start (or rather, catch up on) the fourth one. Very excited about rewatching 'The Wall', haha. I'm making Heroes/Star Trek crossover comics next week, after Boston and after my midterms. I've got ten of them planned; we'll see how that goes. Then after Florida (so, in November) I'll really get to work on fanfiction (I've got three or four Pinto fics in mind, uh) and a Star Trek flash animation. And of course amerasu1013's "secret Pinto project" (ok bb, I know it's not secret, but it's more exciting to pretend it is!) which should keep me busy for a while. Multidisciplinary work.


I also want to draw Sylar/Zombie for my five-minutes Anime North & future roadtrip buddy Adam, and teaparty!Pinto for my MA Beans.

Oh, and guess what? I'M GOING TO SEE ANGELS IN AMERICA AGAIN IN FEBRUARY. The really lame thing is that [a] I'll spend the same amount of time on the MTL-NYC bus than in the city (16 hours total, I think?), and [b] I had to borrow money to buy a ticket before they were all gone. But the point is still - NYC! AGAIN! YAY! and this time I have professional pocket-sized audio recording material. Oh, and I'm front row. No big deal. (Jk. Huge deal tbh.)

As for the AiA commentary I was forced to put on hiatus (due to me being dead/undead for the time being), I have two acts left (out of what, nine?) so I'm pretty sure I'll get to post it sometime soon. By then it won't matter because everyone an they moms will have watched the tv series, read the script and seen the play, but hey. I kind of like describing Part 2, Act 1, Scene 6. I think that's the one? See, I might be sick but my memory doesn't suck.

Except for the part where it totally does! Yesterday Chantal (classmate; 41, blonde, giggles way too loud, really sweet) told me she remembered how she became aware of my existence last year and that it was probably why everyone in Translation knew my name. I joked about blocking it out of my mind on purpose because it was super dumb but uh, seriously, I forgot that whole thing happened. It feels surreal now to think that anything prior to my trip to Boston last Spring actually happened. I don't remember most of it. Which is probably best for everyone. Especially Ma Ai, who'd probably throw a party if I told her so. (I should. She and her boyfriend bought a condo - a fucking CONDO - and they have a pool in the building and I want to be invited over.)

I got a 58% in Terminology (what do you mean, it's an encyclopedia and not a dictionary? there's "dictionary" written on the cover!) but a 28/30 in Translation Software and a A- in Advanced Translation. I'm very, very zen right now.

I want to build a little shrine in my basement dedicated to Chris Pine's leather pants. Just sayin'.

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catherine nils
07 October 2010 @ 05:13 pm
AiA scene-by-scene commentary will be finished tonight. FINALLY.
Then I can draw some rhino/unicorn for amerasu1013. Yep.
Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Still so sick rn. ):

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catherine nils
06 October 2010 @ 09:22 pm
Alright, so I need to get this out of the way before I continue typing my Amazingly Long Commentary of Angels in America, which is, as the title suggests, long as fuck.

Today, one mister Zachary Quinto posted this very touching video for 'It Gets Better'/Trevor Project, basically telling GLBT kids that yes, it does get better eventually. Once I was done blinking tears out of my eyes I checked the source, in this case being the ONTD community. And now, well. I am pissed.

You see, it was apparently decided, without my knowledge, that being queer (and by this I mean anything that isn't heterosexual or cisgender) meant you had to claim it loud and clear. Because, of course, equality implies that you'd have to state what you are if it's anything but the "norm", just to, you know, make it clear to everyone. So of course that makes Quinto a "closet case" because he hasn't addressed the issue directly. Of course, being 100% involved in a shitload of GLBT causes without explicitly stating your sexual orientation is the same thing as pretending you're straight when you're not. I mean, it's clearly what the guy is doing, right? Not like, just living his life and simply not addressing the issue, but denying his sexual orientation.

To which I say: lol wut?

Because to me, saying that "it gets better" implies that someday people will stop giving a fuck about shit like that. That you can just live your goddamn life without having to justify it with a label on who you date and who you fuck and how your brain is wired. It does get better, because there's an increasing number of people out there who give a damn about individuals rather than categories, and don't expect you to "come out" as anything, and don't freak out if you do.

When I was in high school I would look up to guys in bands who were probably definitely straight but never explicitly stated it under the premise that it didn't matter. Guys who had a girlfriend, or a wife, but openly spoke against homophobia like it was a personal issue they had been dealing with. Guys who'd hug, kiss and say "I love you" to other guys without adding "no homo" right after. And yeah, it's been about the whole thing being very attractive, the man/man thing I mean, and the androgyny thing, and the ambiguity thing - but before that, before the "pleasing aesthetics" aspect, it was about admiration towards people who had more guts than I did. It was about the idealistic concept of just being without having to clarify and explain and justify and analyze and fight dumb stereotypes.

So when I see little shits on ONTD complain that Zachary Quinto should "just come out already" and that his message - a very powerful message, I might add - has less impact because he's not "publicly out" to the media, I kind of want to take out my tiny Amok Time plastic weapon props and use them repeatedly punch them for entertaining the idea that if you're homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, bigender, genderqueer, etc. you have to state it loud and clear, otherwise it's "not legit". Of course we all want a Kathleen Hanna to look up to, and we have those, but it doesn't mean we have any business not respecting someone's choice to stay quiet about the gender of whoever they wake up next to in the morning. IT SHOULDN'T MATTER. At least that's what I think. And I shouldn't have to end this with "I'm not gay though" because, you know what? It's not anyone's fucking business. I'm done clarifying things to people who don't listen in the first place. Done.

I'm sorry, I just woke up from a five hours nap and still have a fever and all I ate today was a box (like, the full thing) of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. The Internet suddenly seems like srs bsns to me, and I haven't written a proper gay rant in a million years.

(This would be a good time to find the gif of Reboot!Spock at the Vulcan Academy going "live long and prosper go fuck yourself", I think...)

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catherine nils
My eyes are bloodshot and barely open, my nose bled all morning, my voice is almost non-existent, my back aches, my head hurts, I'm not exactly awake, etc. And a good evening to you too! Tomorrow I'm handing in my assignment and LEAVING ASAP. Sleeping, making soup...sleeping some more. Then finishing the AiA review. I can get this done.

In more charming (if only funnier) news, I made a boy listen to The Smiths. I mean. I canceled our dinner plans, which resulted in him listening to The Smiths. Can you say "total power trip"? Yep.

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catherine nils
04 October 2010 @ 10:29 pm
I'm sick and my back hurts like a motherfucker right now. The idea of another eight-hours bus ride in less than two weeks is not exactly appealing at the moment. I have a SHITLOAD of work to do for school and I'm deliberately not reviewing my notes for tomorrow's exam until my lunch break. Then I'm skipping the last class to work on a Terminology assignment. I'M NOT PANICKING JUST YET. I'm merely stating facts. And coming off as a little nervous in the process. No big deal.

Okay but no, seriously - I'm going to beta amerasu1013's fic before I go to bed (aka before 4am, hopefully) and I've done half of my AiA review for kytaisuki so I should be done by Wednesday night-ish. That's decent. Hell, it's more than just decent, it's fantastic. Normally I just go all out 'lethargic mollusk' when I'm sick. I like to think the trip to New York (read: seeing ZQ) had a positive/magical effect that will make me better and more productive at, well, everything. You know, kind of a "touched by a talented person, suddenly become talented" thing.

OF COURSE nothing is perfect so I totally forgot to cancel my plans with Marius and I cba to do it now so I'll text him at the last minute tomorrow and he's going to hate me for a good five minutes. To be fair he's supposed to have classes and so am I, so it's not like I'm fucking up his plans. I think. Unless his plans involved roasted chicken for dinner, in which case I feel terribly sorry because there's nothing like craving St-Hubert chicken and not getting it.

Moving on.

I'm going to focus now. On my assignment, my review, either, both at once. I can make this work. I think. Yeah. Well at least it's slightly more productive than complimenting genitalia on ontd_pinto, yeah? Thought so.


Oh man I'm so tired. Haha.

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